Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What is Dragon City?

If you are a fan of browser based games then Dragon City is a must try for you. Dragon City is a facebook browser based social game which offers its users a fantastic and irresistible gameplay.
What is Dragon City?
Dragon City is a social game available on Facebook and it was developed by Social Point. The game is based on a gorgeous island where your mission is to breed and feed dragons which will eventually help you in fighting in arena and your opponents.

In game resources
There are basically three types of game resources which include food, gems and gold.
Food: Food is used for feeding dragons. Food can be grown in farms so you will need a lot of farms to feed you dragons.
Gold: This resource is used to buy in game stuff like farms, decorations and other buildings. The supply of food is dependent on gold as you need farms to provide food and gold is needed to build a farm.
Gems: Gems are mostly used to speed up game procedures and in task completion. Gems are important because you can buy gold and therefore food from gems in case of food supplies shortage. So having gems at your disposal will certainly benefit you sooner or later.

Earning resources
There are many ways to earn gems and gold.
In game tasks: Usually there will be small tasks available for you in the game which will bring in small amounts of gems and gold. If you continuously complete these tasks on daily basis then the chances of resource shortage will be minimized. The down side to this procedure is that it requires a lot of hard work and most importantly a lot of hours. If you go with this option then your progress will be annoyingly slow.
Use real money: Another way to get resources is to use real money to buy gems and then use them to buy other resources. This option is quite quick as you can buy gems whenever you want and speed up all the process but it takes real money.
Use Dragon City Hack programs: Last but not the least. The third option you have is most probably the most beneficial for you as it doesn’t require hours of gameplay nor does it require your real money. The procedure involves the downloading of Dragon City Hack tools which are completely free of cost and activating them for unlimited resources.

Why use Dragon City hacks

The reasons for using Dragon City hacks are countless. First of all it will save a lot of your time and precious money. They are safe and secure, require no credit cards, works without cheat engines and provide unlimited resources. It’s not only safe to use but is complete malware free so there are no threats to your computer.

How to download and start Dragon City hacks

The hacks can be downloaded from our facebook page. After downloading just simply enter the number of gems or gold you want and click activate during your game.